Talents that stand out

We are committed to giving you quick access to the best talent, only those who stand out significantly from their peers. Since most of these candidates are not actively looking for a new position, our unique methodology enable us to rapidly identify them.

Complete transparency

During the recruiting process, we are committed to complete transparency and to providing you with status reports on the mandate you gave us.

Non-traditional interviews

Our non-traditional interviewing techniques disarm candidates’ pre-made answers. We make sure we fully understand their professional accomplishments, their personalities and what motivates them so that you hire the best candidate for the long run.


We only represent top-employers. Furthermore, we are committed to guiding you every step of the way, not only while you are looking for a position, but throughout your career as well. We are committed to giving you prompt and useful feedback on the status of your candidacy and the feedback we have received from our client, whether positive or negative. We are committed to giving you advice, whether it is about your resume, the job market situation or, better still, your next professional step.


Francois is a first-class career professional recruiter and an absolute delight to work with. He immediately understood my requirements and very quickly delivered top quality candidates for several open positions, all pre-screened with his summary of their strengths and why they would be a good fit. He takes the time to explain the process, provide feedback, establish strong relationships in a short period of time and provide expert coaching for candidates and hiring manager. Francois is responsive, pays attention to detail, and has the highest integrity. I would recommend him to anyone looking for talented employees.
Alain Poirier, Vice-President Worldwide Sales and Partnerships, Orckestra Inc.
I have hired Francois twice to fill 2 positions available for Sales Executives. Within a few days Francois sent me 4 great candidates… they were all very good so the choice was not easy… We hired 2 of them that have become strong assets to my sales team. Thanks Francois!
Geoffrey D. VandeWeerdt, Managing Director / CEO North-America e2c Ecritel Cloud Center