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Digital Transformation: Entering a New Era


Companies often want to add new cash flows to their business model to leverage the endless possibilities of new technologies. From deploying a transactional site to adding a digital component to a service offering, the financial levers made possible by technology are as numerous as they are complex. Ambitious projects such as these must be entrusted to and spearheaded by a digital transformation executive who understands your business challenges; someone who, in addition to putting the right strategies and technologies in place, deftly manages the shift in organizational culture that a successful transformation entails. An executive search in this field involves an in-depth analysis of your business challenges and a rigorous evaluation of candidates. This process is crucial to ensuring that the selected person has what it takes to lead a smooth digital transformation.

Digital Optimization: Solving Business Challenges with Technology

Deploying systems to automate or digitize processes is fundamental to addressing a host of business challenges: uneven production quality, increased complaints, cumbersome management, poor information flow, etc.

Digital optimization is essential to limiting the risks associated with current processes and maximizing performance through new technologies. Customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools are generally the first processes to be optimized because of their critical role in operations.

Is your organization planning a major digital transformation or optimization project? To get the targeted results you seek, be sure to hire the right IT leader.


A Tailored Role for the Vice President, Digital Transformation, Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) or Chief Digital Officer (CDO)


This executive oversees every step of complex digital transformation projects, from developing a digital strategy to reviewing the operational activities that support its deployment. This person also oversees every phase of major IT projects and manages the teams responsible for their implementation. The executive committee relies on this executive to ensure that everything is taken into consideration, from inventory management to user experience.

Often, as part of a digital transformation, certain flawed or outdated internal processes need to be reviewed to establish a more solid foundation. To this end, the CTO needs to identify critical processes, spot their weaknesses and add these processes to the action plan and timeline, with a view to optimizing them.

The vice president of digital transformation may also be responsible for digital optimization, for example updating the telecommunications network, consolidating data centres or redesigning the IT data management system.

No matter the project, the vice president of digital transformation ensures proper change management by supporting employees and customers throughout the transition so that a true digital culture can be established at the company.

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