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Success is impossible without great leaders

At PIXCELL, we understand that time is money. Our sourcing team uses a mix of cutting-edge technologies
and in-depth knowledge of many different industries to source the leader you need, quickly. We also rely on
a network of Industry-Specific Advisors that allow us to quickly gain access to any additional expertise you
might need with our executive search services.

PIXCELL practices a holistic approach.

Our global vision allows us to understand your needs in terms of corporate strategy and culture organization, management and governance.

In addition, we make sure to gain a comprehensive understanding of the leading capabilities in each field, tailored to your unique business environment and requirements of the role – enabling us to deliver innovative solutions. In addition, Our assessment of each executive candidate includes several careful steps, from predicting leadership styles and potential, to evaluating a candidate’s readiness for a specific role.

Our Services, Adapted to Your Needs

Executive Recruitment

Our recruitment services exclusively target mid-level and senior executives. Through our years of experience, we have cultivated industry-specific and practical expertise in eight industries.


Our executive search firm is well established in Canada’s leading markets and has access to an international network as the exclusive Canadian partner of CFR Global Executive Search. From coaching to psychometric tests and executive compensation, PIXCELL can lead you impartially to the best qualified resources to meet your challenges.

Board of Directors Recruitment

Count on our talent search firm to round out your board of directors. Our experts understand that recruiting board members is becoming more complicated due to new challenges, including the need to meet certain criteria in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion. Our headhunters use their expertise to help you search for and select the ideal candidate based on the targeted profile.

Learn more about our board member recruitment services

Executive Interim Recruitment

Our executive Interim search firm has access to talent that can tackle your business challenges right away in circumstances where your recruitment needs are sudden, undefined or temporary. No matter what specialty you are seeking, we can present you with candidates who are either at the end of their career, in transition or looking for a short-term contract and who would be willing to join your team on a temporary basis. Companies often opt for temporary contracts when they are dealing with an unexpected departure, are experiencing rapid growth or have a major need for agility. This strategy may also be used in situations in which you are pursuing internal succession and the person being promoted needs the support of an experienced executive to move up to the next management level.

Candidate Assessment

Before appointing an internal candidate to a strategic position, many companies first confirm that this person has the skills and qualities needed for success.

The headhunters at our executive recruitment firm use their expertise to assist you in this process. Our in-depth interview process covers four main pillars:

1. Corroboration of professional experiences;
2. Assessment of medium and long-term professional ambitions;
3. Detailed validation of professional evaluations; and
4. Thorough behavioural assessment.

Time after time, we have found this process to be a very effective predictor of performance, commitment, retention, productivity, leadership effectiveness and candidate potential for each position to be filled.

Succession Planning

Proactive and strategic succession planning provides peace of mind as you look ahead to your retirement or the departure of a key executive in your organization. Working alongside your executive committee, our senior executive recruitment team can assess internal and external candidates and help you develop a succession plan for your unique situation.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our headhunters are aware that many organizations are developing new standards in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion. Our executive search firm can help you recruit your future leaders—that is, the people who will strengthen your executive team not only through their professional abilities but also with their unique character and personalities.


Talents with skills. Talents that Fit Your Organization
Pixcell delivers everytime.

Hire Talent that Will Thrive in Your Organization

Creating the perfect fit

Designed to create a perfect fit and deeply entrenched in our company values, the PIXCELL approach is at oance:



We deep-dive into candidate history,
validating skills, achievements as
well as evaluating behaviour and
professional aspirations.



We apply our in-depth market
understanding to our Customers’
specific needs and unique
circumstances to secure a
successful outcome.



We strive to be leaders in both
Customer and Candidate Experience
in our everyday practice and aim for
every relationship to be long-term .



We make it a habit to exceed
expectations on all fronts and
provide our clients with the full
benefits of our wide network of
Industry Partners.