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Finance recruitment agencies and accounting search firms support executives in their search for personnel to fill key accounting and finance positions that are fundamental to keeping their organization running smoothly. This initiative can make all the difference for a broad spectrum of companies — from SMEs to multinationals and companies operating in sensitive business sectors among others — that want close guidance during the recruitment process.

Companies today have to be more strategic than ever in order to stand out and ensure that their businesses succeed and persevere tomorrow, especially in the midst of uncertainty and economic disruption. This means recruiting experienced leaders and executives who will participate in the organization's culture and contribute to its future.

The promise of PIXCELL

If you're looking to optimize your value chain, improve your customer experience, maximize your NPS score or set a financial strategy, it may be advantageous to turn to accounting and finance headhunters.

In contrast with the limited resources of recruitment agencies, PIXCELL's specialists have extensive knowledge of the market and over time have developed a large pool of exceptional candidates whose skills and experience meet the diverse needs of companies seeking executives. What is more, our finance headhunters meet with finance industry executives on an ongoing basis to enhance this pool and to evaluate the profiles of potential candidates early on. With this distinctive advantage, PIXCELL can help you achieve your business objectives from the moment you choose us, and in doing so optimize the recruitment process. Then you will have more time to focus on what you do best: the overall management of your organization.

Superior Experience with Our Finance Executive Search Firm

PIXCELL’s mission is to stand head and shoulders above other accounting and finance headhunters across Canada by offering unparalleled discipline and speedy execution in executive hiring.

During our first meeting, our consultants will work by your side to define your organizational culture and establish the needs and challenges your company faces. This essential step allows us to narrow the search for finance executives and to hire experienced accounting executives and managers who will help ensure the future and longevity of your company in the near or long term.

PIXCELL also provides a list of pre-selected candidates whose profiles will have been meticulously vetted before handing the torch to you for job interviews. Our finance headhunters offer guidance throughout your recruitment and hiring process to support you in your decision making. PIXCELL also oversees the smooth integration of the chosen candidate into your organization using a unique methodology developed by our team of consultants.

Whether you are searching for your next Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Controller, or your next Finance, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) or Tax Director, you can rest assured that our finance headhunters in Montreal will carefully evaluate and select the ideal candidate to meet your needs.

Your Industry. Our Expertise in Senior Executive Recruitment.

Our talent search specialists are not only leaders in their field but also well versed in industry-specific business concerns. Over the years, our executive recruitment firm has developed a vast network of Canadian and international partners to provide you with fast, privileged access to the best candidates in your industry.

You can rely on our  IT headhunter team to fill your IT executive positions.

Recruit the best candidate fast with the help of our recruitment agency for businesses in engineering and manufacturing.

Let our executive headhunter firm guide you in the process of recruiting public and para-public business leaders.

Find the right candidate by relying on our executive search agency for the retail and distribution sectors.

Recruit an exceptional candidate with our experienced executive headhunters in the real estate and construction sectors.

With our executive search agency, overcome the challenges of recruiting executives in finance, accounting, insurance and banking.

Do you need to hire a pharmaceutical or bioscience executive? Count on PIXCELL’s headhunters to meet your recruitment needs.

Leading firms in the areas of law, engineering consulting, finance and strategy trust PIXCELL to recruit their top associates and partners.

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