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Your human resources (HR) executive is an invaluable advisor, no matter the challenges your company is facing. In times of growth, this person oversees employment and recruitment and ensures effective internal change management. Conversely, if you need to reduce staff or close down offices, you can count on your HR executive to advise you on the best strategy. When it comes to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion and preventing harassment in the workplace, your HR executive must propose new ways of doing things to maximize the well-being of employees while considering the interests of the company.

The HR headhunters at PIXCELL are well-versed in the specific challenges of this field. We know that every HR executive must have a solid work ethic and strong communication skills. Our rigorous executive search process includes a detailed analysis of your current company culture.


Three Executive Roles in Human Resources

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) or Vice President, Human Resources

The CHRO must develop strategies to manage the company’s workforce in an efficient and considerate manner. This starts with identifying HR issues in the company’s market, such as a shortage of qualified workers, high turnover or a lack of succession. The CHRO is responsible for responding to these issues and the challenges they pose.

The CHRO also oversees the company culture, including strategies and initiatives in internal communication, change management and employer brand aimed at increasing employees’ sense of belonging.

In short, the CHRO or vice president of human resources ensures that best HR practices are applied throughout the company, particularly with respect to compensation, labour standards and employee health and safety. To this end, this executive plays a central role in shaping all programs and initiatives related to human resources.

Vice President, Talent and Culture

The role of vice president of talent and culture is to drive performance and engagement among employees by promoting a strong, meaningful company culture. This executive deploys various strategies to ensure that employees have a set of common values and are focused on achieving company objectives.

This position is most common in industries where companies need to differentiate themselves to hire or retain top talent. To help the company stand out as a recruiter or an employer, the vice president of talent and culture implements a recruitment, compensation and bonus strategy that is both attractive and aligned with the company’s business priorities. This executive has a hand in everything related to staff, total compensation and internal communications.

Director, Human Resources

Reporting to the vice president of human resources, the director of human resources is responsible for executing the HR strategy through action plans. This executive supervises all HR department employees, including organizational development advisors, trainers and staffing technicians.

The director of human resources helps to build and analyze HR performance indicators. Executives in this role ensure that the processes and tools for which their team is responsible are constantly improving. Larger companies may also have human resources executives who specialize in a specific area, for example:

  • Director, Compensation
  • Director, Labour Relations
  • Director, Health and Safety

Recruit Your Future Talent Management Leader with Our Human Resources Headhunters

No matter what role you need to fill to lead your workforce, you want a trustworthy executive with an excellent work ethic. If you are looking outside your ranks to hire your next HR leader, a rigorous executive search process is critical to the long-term success of your company.

Count on PIXCELL to recruit your next HR executive. Our HR talent recruiters will find the leader who can implement the right strategies for attracting, retaining and engaging human capital.


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