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For companies in this industry, there are other challenges on the horizon. First, the costs of implementing information technologies can be high and are often spread over a long period of time. Then, the process of selecting, hiring and retaining experienced employees and executives with highly desirable skills in technology and innovation requires a solid strategy to attract and carefully manage human resources.

In order to find the rare gem that will help your company stand out and include on its management committee executives for the IT department and information technology executives, it can be strategic to call on information technology headhunters. Our consultants specializing in finding high-calibre managers, particularly in the information technology industry, can guide you and advise you throughout the hiring process.



A Competitive Advantage: Hiring Candidates with IT Technical Expertise

Information technology contributes to the economic development of the country and the business world. Depending on your needs, the implementation of information and data management systems, or customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management or accounting software could help you play a better hand and stand out from your competitors.

If you want to take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI), megadata or machine learning, you'll need a digital services manager or digital strategy director you can count on, or you'll need to add your first director or vice president of IT to your team who can provide a clear vision of your company's future and keep your objectives in sight.

In addition to providing you with technically skilled personnel, hiring senior executives helps you define processes that optimize your various activities. Then you can position your company as a leader and at the same time reduce your operating costs, facilitate your company communications, improve your customer service and increase your productivity.




The PIXCELL Promise

The IT industry relies on candidates who need to have specific technical skills that are constantly changing. The profiles of candidates sought for executive IT positions will no doubt have to be focused on innovation, project management, information security, finding innovative solutions and improved communications.

From the moment you hire us, our firm works hard to give you privileged access to a select group of screened candidates who have the latest knowledge and whose expertise and professional experience meet your specific needs.

PIXCELL’s continually enhanced pool of executives stands head and shoulders above other IT headhunters. We believe that meeting with potential candidates early on certainly speeds up the recruiting process, and more importantly, helps form business relationships with future senior employees who can make a difference in your organization.

PIXCELL's promise: We offer unequalled discipline and execution speed in executive hiring.

Unparalleled Experience for Our Clients

Working with you, we can draw up a profile of the candidate you are looking for and who fits perfectly with your business objectives and the digital maturity of your company. Our team will meticulously vet each candidate and narrow the search by providing you with a preliminary list of the best candidates who meet all the criteria we have established together.

Then you can conduct interviews only with those candidates who have the requisite skills for an IT executive position and who can contribute to your organizational success.

Nearly Five Years of Experience in IT and Digital Transformation Headhunting

Over the past five years, our firm has developed solid expertise in executive search in the technology and innovation industry.

We deliver the most professional service, guiding you through every step of the process, from the beginning of your search to making your hiring decision.

Finally, we also pay close attention to the candidate’s integration into your company. This is why we have developed a methodology that has been proven with previous clients.

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