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Global Executive Search: Finding the Right Leader for Your Business

Through years of experience our team of international headhunters have cultivated industry-specific insight and international relationships making our global executive search firm your key partner in your global headhunt to hire your next executive, no matter your line of work, or location.

Our team of international headhunters will guide you from the beginning to the end of the international executive search process. Starting with a complete analysis of your business in order to recommend the best types of leaders to match your vision. Our global executive recruiters will then thoroughly assess each candidate and narrow the search, providing you with a list of the top candidates who meet all the criteria established together. With the support of our headhunters for international jobs, the interviews you conduct will be limited to those who are directly in line with your business specific issues, saving you time and money in your executive search internationally.



Global Executive Recruitment: A Holistic Approach

Unlike other global headhunter firms, our partnership does not end once your executive is onboarded. Our international headhunters also provide coaching after the hiring process to ensure the integration of your new executive into your business and set them up for success.

Our team of global executive recruiters are known for their business vision, market understanding and strong relationships with stakeholders. Our global executive search firm has developed a unique approach, working at the strategic level, factoring in your business’ challenges, goals, vision and culture. Our international headhunter will provide you with the best selection of potential talent to reach your objectives.

Our team of international headhunters has a proven record to help you make an impact locally, and the global reach to support you in your executive search internationally.

Global Finance Headhunters

Hiring executives in the financial services field requires as much expertise as watching the stock market and involves overcoming important challenges, which is why working with a headhunter for international jobs is a must. Risk management, financial restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and the implementation of new technologies cannot be done alone, companies have to be able to count on proactive experts such as international finance headhunters.

Our team of global finance headhunters will support you in your search to fill key accounting and finance positions. Our global headhunters understand the importance of putting the most qualified leaders in these roles which are fundamental to your organization running smoothly.

Our global executive search headhunters are not only highly knowledgeable in their field but also well versed in industry-specific business concerns. Over the years, our global headhunter firm has developed a vast network of international partners to provide you privileged access to the best candidates in your industry.

Our international finance headhunters meet with industry executives on an ongoing basis to enhance our pool of potential candidates, giving you early access to the highest caliber of leaders. These international relationships have helped position us one the best global executive search companies.

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Global Engineering & Manufacturing Headhunters

With the fourth industrial revolution, companies in the manufacturing sector have to be quicker than ever to react to leading edge technologies to stay competitive which is why it is critical to utilize international headhunting companies. Organizations need strategic guidance to overcome the two-fold challenges of a lack of specialized talent and finding the financing to implement new technologies. Our international engineering and manufacturing headhunters can guide you in your search to find your next executive, supporting you as you navigate these new challenges and opportunities.

Our global headhunters will help you hire the right engineering or manufacturing executive to make your company smarter by optimizing your manufacturing, distribution and production processes, while reducing costs and improving quality.

Our global engineering and manufacturing headhunters have carved out a special niche in this industry, making sure you recruit a highly agile executive who is focused on operations management, quality control, innovation, problem solving and workforce training.

Our international engineering search firm maintains important relationships with candidates who are leaders in their field, staying ahead in this rapidly changing industry. They will help you innovate and implement the technologies of the future.

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Global Retail & Distribution Headhunters

The future of retailers and distributors is not easy to predict, but it goes without saying that they will have to compete against retail giants from abroad to survive. That's why working with global retail headhunters who have developed important international relationships and expertise is so critical.

Our global retail headhunters understand the unique challenges retail and distribution businesses face today. Needing to adapt to the industry's digital transformation and the economic health of the country you are operating in. Our international headhunter company will support you in finding a leader that will position your business favorably in each market, by helping you develop a distinct offering and unique experience.

Not only are our international retail headhunters attentive to your needs and challenges, they also cultivate close relationships with retail leaders, ensuring we understand your reality and are in contact with the top-tier candidates.

Our firm has stood out among international retail headhunters thanks to our unique service offering. Our mission is to recommend the best candidates to hire so that we can help you build an omni-channel strategy and compete with digital adoption leaders.

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Manufacturing/Engineering headhunter in a metting in Montreal
IT Digital Transformation Headhunters at work

Global IT & Digital Transformation Headhunters

Digital technology is now an important pillar in all spheres of a company's value chain. In fact, the implementation of the right technology can make your business smarter and give you a competitive advantage. Reducing your operating costs, facilitating your company communications, improving your customer service and increasing your productivity.

Our global IT headhunters will support you in finding the rare gem that will help your company identify, implement and adapt to the rapidly changing technologies that inevitably emerge in the market. The process of selecting, hiring and retaining experienced executives with highly competitive skills in technology and innovation requires a solid strategy. The IT industry relies on candidates who need specific skills that are constantly changing.

Over the years, our international IT headhunters have developed a vast network of Canadian and international partners to provide you with privileged access to the best candidates in this field.

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Global Real Estate & Construction Headhunters

The commercial and residential real estate industries face constant challenges due to the uneven economy of the past few years and the continuous movement and transformation of the real estate market. In order to stay proactive and gain market shares, organizations need strategic planning and are forced to frequently review their business objectives, whether in finance, marketing or customer service.

Our global real estate headhunters can help you tackle these problems and find solutions alongside a new executive who will become a strategic asset in the pursuit of your business operations.

Our international real estate headhunters also specialize in finding construction executives, around the world, who can manage construction projects, bring leadership, an eye for detailed planning and work with various stakeholders involved in building construction.

Thanks to our large network of contacts constantly expanding with up-and-coming leaders in the industry, our international real estate headhunters will help identify visionary executives who are on the lookout for trends, ambitious, talented communicators and teamwork experts, qualities that are highly sought-after in this competitive industry.

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Global Public & Parapublic Headhunters

Organizations in the parapublic sector are largely dependent on government decisions and other sources of external funding, creating limited budgets compared to the private sector. This can be a major challenge to recruiting experienced executives. That's why working with our global parapublic headhunters is key to staying competitive.

Our global headhunters understand that such companies do not exist to maximize their profits, but to serve the public and improve their lives through programs and services that meet their needs. We can help you find the right leader to carry out your mission.

Para-governmental companies require compassionate, skilled executives and management teams with specific qualifications. They must also demonstrate proven competencies in negotiation and be comfortable in the face of uncertainty, as they will frequently be required to double back, adapt and uproot to live in new areas.

Our International parapublic headhunters have built an extensive pool of top-tier candidates who have these qualities and skills, as well as understand the rules and bureaucracy that must be navigated within your industry.

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