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Legal, regulatory, ethical and compliance issues are complex and call for solid risk management and prevention. The laws and regulations governing your industry or jurisdiction are always changing. To establish a robust legal structure and to manage thorny business and labour law issues, business leaders rely on sound advice from their legal department.

If you are looking to hire an executive to oversee the legal aspects of your operations, PIXCELL’s in-house legal recruiters can help you hire your next dependable leader. Carrying out a legal executive search in this area requires a keen understanding of both your unique business challenges and the legal field.

The Role of the General Counsel or Vice President, Legal


As head of the legal department, the general counsel oversees all legal and regulatory activities. As a lawyer and member of the Quebec Bar, this executive focuses on the legal aspects of strategic and operational developments. On the commercial side, the general counsel ensures that contracts, agreements and all other legal documents will protect the company in the event of litigation and do not expose the company to risks. On the corporate side, the general counsel is the main legal advisor. In this capacity, this executive addresses the legal aspects of internal policies and regulations and deals with matters such as labour relations issues.

It is common to see the title of general counsel or vice president of legal combined with that of corporate secretary. As the head of the company’s corporate secretariat, this executive must ensure that everything runs smoothly with the board of directors and that best practices are followed at the level of governance. This executive oversees the deliverables of the corporate secretariat, such as the maintenance of corporate records, audits and annual and statutory reports.

In short, the general counsel must make sure the company’s legal department functions well, in particular by ensuring quality, encouraging continuous improvement and staying abreast of legal and jurisprudential developments.

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PIXCELL understands that you are looking for someone who will propose legal solutions in line with your strategic planning. To apply best practices in the legal and legislative fields, you need a strategic, diligent and inspiring leader.

Are you looking for the right executive to lead the legal and regulatory side of your company? You can count on the legal headhunting and executive recruitment professionals at PIXCELL.


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