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Why Hire an Engineering or Manufacturing Executive Recruiter?

Industry 4.0 is rife with challenges, but also teeming with opportunities. Not only does the use of digital technologies like 3D printing, digitization of printed documents and robotics, for example, help you optimize the production process, but it also helps reduce costs while improving your manufacturing quality.

By hiring an engineering and manufacturing executive search firm like PIXCELL, you can more easily find the candidate who will embrace a strategic role in your organization.

Hiring an engineering or manufacturing executive will help you make your company smarter and optimize your manufacturing, distribution and production processes.

The manufacturing and engineering industry relies on very specific skills that are constantly changing. Our engineering and manufacturing headhunters will make sure that you recruit a highly agile executive who is focused on operations management, quality control, innovation, problem solving and ongoing workforce training.


The PIXCELL Promise

If you are looking to innovate more, better manage your supply chain and logistics, or implement digitized processes to prevent equipment breakdowns, monitor machines in real time or schedule maintenance, adding a manufacturing or engineering executive to your organization can become essential.

Unlike the more limited resources of manufacturing executive recruitment agencies, our firm is working hard ahead of time, from the very moment you hire us, searching our large database of candidates whose skills and experience will meet your specific needs.

Our engineering and manufacturing headhunters in Montreal and other Canadian cities enhance the pool of active candidates by meeting with potential executives on an ongoing basis who can fit the profile you are looking for and help you meet your business objectives. With the recruitment process made easier, you can focus on your business.

Unparalleled Experience with our Engineering and Manufacturing Executive Search Firm

PIXCELL offers unequalled discipline and execution speed in executive hiring.
During our first meeting, our consultants will talk with you to define your organizational culture and from there establish the needs and challenges your company faces. This crucial step allows us to narrow the search and focus your attention only on the experienced managers who meet all the criteria we've established together.

PIXCELL will also provide you with a preliminary list of candidates whose profiles we have meticulously vetted, so that you can conduct interviews only with people who can contribute to your success.

Nearly Five Years of Experience in Manufacturing & Engineering Headhunting

Established in 2016, our engineering and manufacturing executive search firm has carved out a special niche in the executive search industry. So you will be assured of our support while you make your decision and throughout the process of integrating your chosen candidate through our proven methodology with previous clients. Doing business with PIXCELL means maximizing your organization's performance in the market.

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