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The Challenges of the Digital Transformation Executive

What is behind this trend that is changing the way companies do business and dividing opinion on executive boards? Read the first article in our series.

Shortage of Talent in Private Equity

To put it mildly, 2020 and 2021 have been unconventional years, and their major impact on the recruitment of PE professionals is consequently no surprise.

Executive Search Firm PIXCELL Becomes the Exclusive Canadian Partner of CFR Global Executive Search

PIXCELL is proud to join the international network of CFR Global Executive Search as an exclusive Canadian partner.

Talent Management: Looking Back on 2021, and What to Watch For in 2022

A year ago, as we neared the end of 2020, all signs pointed to 2021 as promising a fresh start in the “new normal.” With vaccination in full swing and companies making return-to-office plans, we were hopeful about the crisis coming to an end.

Unsuccessful candidates: why feedback is crucial

At PIXCELL, when a candidate is eliminated from a hiring process, we do not just send out a run-of-the-mill rejection email.

As a CEO, have you given enough thought to your succession plan?

No matter how old you are, you should already be planning for your succession. Here are some tips for developing your succession plan.

Do brick-and-mortar offices still have their place?

Many CEOs are rethinking the role of physical office space. How should companies approach at-home and in-office work in the post-pandemic era?

What does your ideal candidate really want?

When qualified candidates are few and far between, how do you respond as a company? Understanding the priorities of your future employees is a good start.

Creating an inclusive culture: going beyond diversity

There is a great deal of talk about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in today’s corporate circles. Although many companies have recruitment programs to encourage diversity in the workplace,

Executive compensation plan: a strategic tool

Companies use competitive compensation plans to attract high-potential candidates and retain their current executives.

How to hire for emotional intelligence

We all know or have heard of managers who, while perfect on paper, are poor leaders. How is it that these qualified, competent individuals are ineffective at leading a team?

How to give a good 360-degree review that drives change

A 360-degree review means that managers are evaluated not only by their bosses but also by various collaborators both within and outside of the company: employees, coworkers, partners, clients, etc.

Solutions to help your board of directors meet cybersecurity challenges

A new study by McAfee reveals that, in 2019, cybercrime was responsible for more than $1 trillion in losses worldwide, a 50% increase from 2018. And since the start of the pandemic alone, cybercrime incidents have jumped by 300%.

How to motivate your employees: three tried-and-true theories, explained

Behind every successful company, there are top-performing, engaged employees. Are you wondering how to motivate employees as a manager?

Executive search consulting, headhunting and recruitment: what is the difference?

At PIXCELL, we have been called both an executive search consultant and a headhunting firm. However, in practice, these terms refer to two distinct recruitment approaches.

How do executive search firms find candidates?

Finding good candidates is one of the main recruitment challenges facing companies today. This is especially true when there is a labour shortage

Communication as a tool for engagement in times of crisis

Events as destabilizing as a pandemic cause a lot of anxiety among employees. Is the company strong enough to weather a downturn? Will I be just as productive with this change? Will I lose my job? In fact,

How to write a CEO resume

An executive CV is far more than a summary of a candidate’s experience, accomplishments and skills for a position. It is a veritable advertising tool that makes it easier to market your brand: you. And as with all effective advertising, you need to reach your audience by sending the right messages.

How Long Does an Executive Search Typically Take

This is usually one of the first questions potential clients ask us. When companies are looking to fill an executive position, they are generally hoping to hire someone fast. At PIXCELL,

digital transformation executive search firm Pixcell explains the key roles and executives you need

5 Key Roles To Help Companies Deftly Navigate A Digital Transformation

Digital transformation means more than just automating processes or digitizing essential information. It is a strategy that allows small businesses and multinationals alike to improve their performance and customer experience and generate new revenue streams.

manage your companys managers with Pixcell

5 Tips for Effectively Managing Your Company’s Managers

For most executives, their direct reports are not regular employees but managers. Executives rely on their managers to implement the company’s vision, goals, and strategies as well as to manage all the employees they supervise.

executive search agency Pixcell explains effective team leadership in a declining market

Leading Teams When Your Market is in Decline

Growth is wonderful, but the reality is that business is cyclical and markets are sometimes in decline.

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