5 Key Roles To Help Companies Deftly Navigate A Digital Transformation

5 crucial digital transformation roles presented by executive search firm Pixcell

Start a digital transformation with a structured, hands-on team


Digital transformation means more than just automating processes or digitizing essential information. It is a strategy that allows small businesses and multinationals alike to improve their performance and customer experience and generate new revenue streams. Digital transformation goes hand in hand with a global shift in company culture.


This can take many forms, depending on the structure, industry and core business of the organizations making the shift to digital. For example, a retail company launching an online store or a business developing a software to manage self-serve social media platforms will both participate actively in the digital transformation of their operations.


While digital transformation demands participation and engagement from all employees at all levels, building a team of strong, experienced executives is paramount. They will act as catalyzers in implementing an action plan, supporting the executive committee and department managers, and analyzing the performance of each change introduced. Chief data officers, for example, are highly coveted by technology firms and have distinctive key strengths that can contribute strategically to the digital transformation process.


Making wise choices when recruiting executives externally to fill these roles will ensure that they have the specific qualifications required for a successful digital transformation. 


Looking for an executive search firm that can help you, not only with searching for the right digital transformation executive, but also in defining the profile you are looking for based on your specific business environment? Our executive recruiters can help, for example, in finding your next Chief data officer, or CDO.


Chief data officer (CDO)


The CDO contributes directly to the digital transformation process. This executive is someone with solid knowledge of data management and highly refined leadership skills. Another part of this role is helping with strategic planning and making sure that the optimal data architecture is in place for all projects within each area of the business. This executive also leads the adoption of new tools that maximize performance and ensures compliance with all regulations regarding data governance and security. 


In today’s business environment, crucial decisions have to be taken everyday. How do you ensure that you make the right decisions at the right time. Having data is key, and it starts by hiring the right Digital transformation executive that has a strong background in data, our seasoned headhunters in digital transformation can help you find your next Chief analytics officer, or CAO.


Chief analytics officer (CAO)


The CAO’s role is to increase access to data to support business objectives and allow key performance indicators to be defined and monitored. This executive usually manages a team that analyzes data, enabling continuous improvement of the company’s management and operations through digital transformation. The CAO must work closely with all departments and the executive committee and participate in decision-making and projects that relate to developing new sales opportunities and business intelligence. 


How do organizations ensure that all digital transformation and information technology projects are well prioritized and delivered on time and within budget? It starts with hiring the right Director, Project Management Office (PMO), our executive search firm has developed an expertise in these types of fuctions. Our headhunters in information technology and digital transformation have several of these searches under their belts, and therefore have probably already met your next Director, Project Management Office (PMO).


Director, Project Management Office


This person must have in-depth knowledge of technology and telecommunications, extensive project management experience, and an agile approach to working with various internal and external business partners. The Director, Project Management Office, plays a key role in your company, participating in making strategic decisions and implementing processes that promote change and communication.


Are you looking to change drastically how you do business, and to create new revenue streams? Our executive search firm has helped several organizations in recruiting leaders whose sole purpose is to innovate in that regard.


Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)


This leader identifies and develops new business opportunities and ideas, promoting creativity at each link in the value chain.


The CIO should have an innovative spirit and extensive knowledge of technology. This is someone who can master the processes of implementing new technologies, ensure that employees are well trained in preparation for the adoption of new innovations, and assess all the associated costs, impacts and risks upstream.


In certain sectors, like retail, the innovation cycle can be as narrow as 6 months. In this context, organizations need to choose their executive search firm wisely. Our team at PIXCELL have several successful executive search mandates in digital transformation and information technology. 


Chief Transformation Officer (CTO)


This role involves initiating and implementing essential changes for value creation. Much like an orchestra conductor, the CTO leads a team with careful consideration and an innovative global vision of the company’s mission. This person must have proven expertise in relationship management and communication.


The CTO works closely with the CIO, the Director, PMO, and the CFO to facilitate change management and the adoption of work methods that will accelerate the digital transformation and its adoption by everyone in the company.

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