Executive Search Firm PIXCELL Becomes the Exclusive Canadian Partner of CFR Global Executive Search


Montreal, March 9, 2022 — As today’s companies face global competition for talent and greater needs in terms of executive recruitment, they need headhunters who understand the issues at stake and can give them international visibility. Established in Montreal in 2016, the executive search firm PIXCELL is proud to join the international network of CFR Global Executive Search as an exclusive Canadian partner.


This strategic partnership will allow PIXCELL to draw on CFR’s international executive network and enhance its service offering. As the shortage of skilled labour persists, there is a growing need for executive recruitment in Canada. It has thus become crucial for companies to have access to a large pool of highly qualified, specialized talent.


In a study conducted during the pandemic by Lifeworks and Deloitte Canada (July 2021), nearly a quarter (23%) of the 1,200 executives surveyed said that they were considering quitting, and 82% said that they felt physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the workday. Yet, now more than ever, companies need talented executives and managers to manage organizational transformation by guiding their teams and navigating the next stages of growth with tact and care.


“We are very pleased to be working with CFR Global Executive Search. This partnership will bolster our support for clients who are looking to expand their operations globally, giving them better access to an international pool of candidates. The demand for competitive positions is growing, especially in the current climate, in which so many executives are experiencing burnout and leaving their jobs. Now that technology allows us to collaborate and manage affairs remotely, our work has become global, and this partnership with CFR represents another lever for overcoming our challenges. On a personal note, I am delighted to be able to work with Jorge Segovia Fernandez and Carl Denny, our exclusive partners in Mexico and the United States. Together, we are creating a strong North American network.”

– François Piché-Roy, President and Managing Partner, PIXCELL


“CFR Global Executive Search is extremely pleased to be expanding its reach in Canada with PIXCELL. We are delighted to be working with this elite firm, which has a proven track record in its local market and a solid understanding of global challenges. We have been building an international network of independent recruiters for over 20 years. Given the unprecedented shortage of skilled labour caused by the pandemic, building bridges across borders is more critical than ever.”   

– Rašo Pazarkić, Chief Executive Officer, CFR Global Executive Search 


Founded in 2016, PIXCELL is a Montreal-based executive search firm. Established in leading Canadian markets (Montreal, Toronto and Quebec City), PIXCELL’s team of five consultants has expertise in numerous industries, including information technology, manufacturing, retail and distribution, finance and the public and parapublic sectors. For more information, visit


About CFR Global Executive Search
Founded in 1997, CFR Global Executive Search is a growing alliance of independent executive search firms. With its network of over 350 consultants from 30 countries across the world, it has the reach of an international headhunter network and the personalized services of a local executive search firm.

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