How Executive Search Firms Help Companies Find the Perfect CEO


Turnover in 2023 among the CEO ranks has hit record levels — nearly double the numbers over the past two years. Hiring your next CEO can reinvigorate your company, build on your success, and take your organization to new heights. However, new leadership also presents significant risk. About 40% of new CEOs fail within the first 18 months.

Not only does hiring the wrong person hurt your performance, but it can take years to recover.

That is why so many companies turn to an experienced CEO search firm to help find the perfect candidate. CEO headhunters have specialized skills to find high-performing talent that match your unique requirements.

The CEO Executive Recruitment Process

Top CEO executive search firms typically follow a strategic process to find high-calibre talent. While your process may look different depending on your unique needs, here is the typical approach CEO search firms take:

  • Profile Development: In conjunction with the board or hiring committee, CEO recruiters will develop a profile, outlining the desired skills, experience, and leadership attributes. The CEO profile will form the foundation of the chief executive search. Expert CEO recruiters can add valuable insight into this process, leveraging the knowledge gained from working with other clients, to ensure a more comprehensive profile.
  • Candidate Identification: The search firm uses its networks and databases to create a slate of potential candidates to be considered. They evaluate skills, experience, and cultural fit to match candidates with profiles.
  • Screening Interviews: Screening interviews further assess the candidates and evaluate their communication skills, leadership presence, strategic thinking, and alignment with the board’s objectives.
  • Due Diligence: Extensive due diligence is conducted on promising candidates, including comprehensive reference checks, background checks, and academic verification.
  • Client Interviews: The best candidates are presented for consideration and interviews. This allows the board to further evaluate the candidates' capabilities. 
  • Psychometric Assessment: Personality, cognitive, and management testing can help uncover strengths and weaknesses. Consultation with industrial psychologists can help board members develop a strategy for success.
  • Final Decision: When the board or hiring committee makes its determination, CEO recruitment agencies provide expertise in compensation to help create an attractive package to land the top candidate.

Executive compensation is a moving target. It helps to work with experienced CEO executive recruiters that understand current market dynamics to help frame an offer.

The Value of Specialized CEO Headhunters 

A Summer 2023 survey for 400 CEOs by Forbes/Deloitte uncovered what is top of mind for today’s leaders. At the top of the list were geopolitical concerns, economic conditions, continued labor challenges, and the impact of evolving technology. It is clear we remain in a period of consistent change and it takes the right leadership to navigate the future.

The right CEO recruiting firms will take the time to understand your challenges and apply their expertise, industry connections, and proactive networking to surface the best-qualified candidates. The best executive search firms will have experience in your industry, but also look beyond your sector to find the right match.

Importance of Industry and Regional Expertise for CEO Search

Industry-specific and regional knowledge is important for successful CEO placements. Every industry is different. Specialized knowledge helps understand the competitive landscape, emerging trends, and specific skills that are needed to find next-generation leaders. 

Regional expertise allows executive search firms to tap into candidate networks and identify matches that understand the labor dynamics and cultural nuances in your location. This can significantly improve cultural fit and may also accelerate hiring.

How Executive Search Firms Ensure Long-Term Success

The CEO you hire will impact your organization for years to come. You do not want just a competent candidate, but a chief executive that will lead your company into the future and deliver on your long-term goals.

The best CEO executive recruitment firms understand this and look at the relationship as a partnership that goes beyond reference checks and candidate screenings. They look for long-term solutions to your challenges and take pride in finding the perfect fit.

Finding an Executive Search Firm for CEO Recruitment

Attracting the right talent starts with the right partner.

PIXCELL offers a unique, strategic approach to finding the ideal CEO talent that meets your objectives, challenges, and strategic vision. This assures you get the best potential candidate for the job. Our team of CEO executive search specialists includes:

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is executive search?

Executive search is a focused recruitment service that helps organizations find and hire top-tier professionals for senior positions. With expertise and an outside perspective, executive search firms uncover the candidates that best match organizational needs.

What does a CEO headhunter do?

A CEO headhunter identifies and qualifies CEO candidates through networking and specialized recruiting strategies. CEO recruitment agencies can find passive candidates that may not be actively looking for a new position, but may be the ideal candidate for your position.

How does the CEO search process work?

When you hire a CEO recruiting firm, they work in concert with the board to develop the criteria that align with business objectives. Working as a headhunter, CEOs are sourced and assessed for job fit. A CEO recruiter will do extensive due diligence to provide Boards with the information they need to make an informed decision.

How long does a Chief Executive search take?

Generally, a chief executive search firm will take six to eight weeks to present a shortlist of candidates. Selecting the best candidate generally occurs between seven to 14 weeks into the process. The timeline can vary depending on the uniqueness of the search and the specific needs of the organization.

What is the success rate of CEO search firms?

The success rate will vary depending on the CEO recruiting firm you choose. Keep in mind that just filling a position does not always lead to success. So, you will want to probe deeper with any search firm you are considering and look beyond just fill rates. Evaluate industry and functional experience, firm track record, and successful placements that achieved the desired results.

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