How PropTech Innovations are Shaping the Future of Headhunting in the Real Estate & Construction Industries


Real estate and construction industries have some common concerns these days: Inflation, rising interest rates, potential recession, and lagging investors. At the same time, PropTech is playing a significantly larger role in creating efficiencies and opportunities. It’s impacted the headhunting process as well. Companies seeking leaders are factoring in experience with PropTech in executive searches.

Modern executives need to understand how to leverage this technology and guide implementation across their organizations. Not only must they have deep experience leading companies, but they also have to have the potential of PropTech to move their organization forward. Such knowledge is crucial to building responsive and agile organizations to compete effectively.

PIXCELL is at the forefront of this integration, conducting real estate technology executive searches and construction executive searches to meet the rapidly changing environment. 

The Rise of PropTech 

Two-thirds of real estate leaders are in the process of adopting new technology. A similar transformation is underway in the construction trade as well, impacting the planning, design, and execution of projects. Already, the PropTech market is valued at $26.87 billion and growing at a CAGR of 16.5%.

So, what is PropTech? Short for property technology, it includes residential estate, commercial real estate, and construction software that manages the entire asset lifecycle. PropTech streamlines and automates processes, and leverages technology like AI, process automation, and data analytics to optimize the real estate transaction and construction process.

For private companies or investment trusts, PropTech provides a significant competitive advantage when it comes to the velocity of deals and client experience. Nearly two-thirds of industry leaders that have adopted PropTech reported increased efficiency, reduced costs, and increased revenue streams, according to an EY survey. 87% reported the need for accelerated technology investment to capture and leverage data.

The Intersection of PropTech and Executive Search

Just as technology is evolving the way companies operate, the role of real estate headhunters and construction headhunters has evolved as well. It’s no longer good enough to find someone with industry experience. The next generation of leaders must understand the digital landscape.

PIXCELL is committed to finding the right person and employs a proven strategy for results. It starts by discussing an organization’s specific needs. Whether an organization is just now thinking about PropTech, has a transition underway, or is already a digitally mature company, needs may be vastly different. PIXCELL develops a unique profile to focus the search based on these unique requirements.

PIXCELL surfaces top candidates that fit these profiles and connect with prospects. An interactive process and candidate assessments help ensure prospects have the necessary strengths and vision. This hands-on approach delivers candidates that meet the profile. The PIXCELL team also does deep background during PropTech executive search and can help with strategies to land the ideal executive.

PropTech Executive Search: Case Study

Here is an example of how we work. A private real estate company that was highly invested in multi-family units was looking for a Chief Operating Officer, who could be part of their succession planning for their current CEO. It was essential that their COO has a firm grasp on PropTech to move their business forward.

The real estate technology headhunting process delivered a highly qualified candidate. Within six months, the new executive put together a data-driven deal-making system to analyze deal potential more efficiently and quickly. This resulted in faster decision-making and more accurate market analysis.

How PIXCELL Can Help

With years of experience as construction headhunters and real estate headhunters, the team at PIXCELL understands the role PropTech plays. This expertise enables our team to conduct PropTech executive searches to find the exact right candidate for the role.

Choosing PIXCELL for a real estate technology executive search or construction executive search provides access to a team of dedicated professional headhunters who take the time to understand an organization’s unique business challenges while conducting a fast — yet rigorous — recruitment process. PIXCELL only recommends managers with the professional experience and vision to meet detailed criteria.

Even before starting a search, PIXCELL works to find and nurture high-calibre talent, identifying up-and-coming leaders in real estate and construction. Deep industry connections help find top performers with the skills organizations need.

Find the Perfect Candidate 

PropTech experience is no longer optional when it comes to recruiting. Companies need an experienced, well-connected real estate technology headhunting and construction executive search company to find the best candidates.  

As technology plays a bigger role in nearly every industry, count on the PIXCELL Executive Search team.  Call PIXCELL today at +1 514.812.1099 or contact us online to discuss an executive search.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is PropTech experience important when recruiting real estate executives?

As PropTech becomes more prevalent, real estate and construction leaders need to understand how to leverage these technologies to make their organizations more competitive. Real estate headhunters like PIXCELL look for executives with both industry experience and PropTech expertise to help companies adopt and benefit from emerging technology.

How can a PropTech executive search help my company?

A specialized PropTech executive search can help find leaders who know how to lead the charge on real estate or construction technology strategy and adoption. PIXCELL understands these needs and excels at finding candidates for Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, nationwide, and international executive searches.

What experience does PIXCELL have with PropTech executive search in real estate?

PIXCELL has extensive experience conducting executive searches for real estate companies seeking to leverage property technology. Their real estate technology headhunting identifies leaders with the unique experience needed to drive organizations forward.

How does PIXCELL approach construction executive search?

PIXCELL's construction headhunters use a hands-on, customized approach to understand each client’s unique needs and find leaders with construction expertise and PropTech vision. This produces executive candidates who understand the growing role of technology in construction.

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