PIXCELL makes its mark with CFR Global Executive Search

PIXCELL – Leaders Recruiting Leaders makes its mark with CFR Global Executive Search: François Piché-Roy appointed Board Member and Regional Director for North America


François Piché-Roy, President and Managing Partner at PIXCELL – Leaders Recruiting Leaders, the exclusive partner of CFR Global Executive Search in Canada since 2021, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of CFR Global Executive Search and named Regional Director for North America. These duties come in addition to his role as leader of the Financial Services group, which he has held since 2022.

CFR Global Executive Search is a global network of executive search firms in over 30 countries. Its team of experienced headhunters has in-depth knowledge of the executive market in their countries, such as Mr. Piché-Roy, a leader in executive recruitment in Quebec and beyond since 2011.

In his new role, Mr. Piché-Roy will focus on growing CFR Global Executive Search in North America, working closely with U.S. offices. He and his team of headhunters will also continue to support PIXCELL’s clients with their executive recruitment needs.

Nearly two years in Canada for CFR Global Executive Search


PIXCELL and CFR Global Executive Search have been partners since February 2022, when CFR entered the Canadian market.

“François’ expertise in executive recruitment and his exceptional work ethic will be great assets to our Board and organization. Since the beginning of our partnership, his in-depth knowledge of the Canadian and North American markets and his leadership skills have been proven time and time again. CFR Global Executive Search has been able to expand its reach in Canada thanks to him, and I look forward to watching how far we will go with his involvement on our Board.”

– Rašo Pazarkić, Chief Executive Officer of CFR Global Executive Search

“I am deeply honoured to have been appointed by the Board and look forward to contributing to the success of CFR Global Executive Search as its new North American Director. I would like to thank Carl Denny for his 15 years of masterful leadership in this role. I am pleased to follow in his footsteps and pursue CFR’s development in North America.”

– François Piché-Roy, President and Managing Partner, PIXCELL, and Regional Director, North America, CFR Global Executive Search

Advantageous partnership for PIXCELL clients


As the exclusive Canadian partner of CFR Global Executive Search, PIXCELL can offer its clients privileged access to a global pool of candidates, greatly facilitating the international recruitment process and development outside of Canada. In a climate where recruiting strategic talent is becoming increasingly competitive, PIXCELL is uniquely positioned to help its clients achieve their recruitment goals in Quebec, Canada and worldwide.

International meeting of headhunters in Montreal in 2024


Following the success of the CFR Global Executive Search conferences in the Netherlands in 2023 and Switzerland in 2022, the PIXCELL team will be honoured to welcome CFR’s global partners in Montreal in 2024 to discuss the opportunities and challenges of international executive search and innovation in this rapidly changing industry.


This article was also published on the website of CFR Global Executive Search

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