Psychometric tests: A helpful tool, even post-hire

Psychometric tests: A helpful executive recruitment tool, even post-hire


You are a president or CEO in the process of recruiting your next vice-president. After several interviews, you now have one or two top candidates, and you are fairly certain you have found “the one.”

Before making an offer, the recruiter recommends a psychometric test. You are already convinced you have found the ideal candidate, so why this additional step? Psychometric testing has many benefits, even after a candidate has been selected.

Here is why our headhunters recommend psychometric or performance testing in all executive recruitment processes.


A decision-making tool, but also a management tool


Psychometric tests are objective, reliable measurement tools that often come in the form of a questionnaire. They can be useful for:

  • Validating competencies
  • Simulating scenarios and observing the candidate’s behaviour
  • Measuring problem-solving ability
  • Confirming leadership skills
  • Assessing motivation and understanding motivators
  • Discovering personality type


While these tests can be helpful in qualifying or disqualifying candidates, their usefulness goes far beyond the selection process. The results can offer direction for executives in their new roles, help them integrate, and reveal gaps where support can be provided.


Emotional or pragmatic leader?


Psychometric test results not only reveal a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, but also their personality type, leadership style and emotional intelligence. This information provides an incredible management tool for the employer.

Just as an executive’s previous experience is a determining factor in their integration, psychometric test results should also be used to better communicate with your new manager, prepare their development plan, etc.

At PIXCELL, psychometric tests are an integral part of our executive search process. Their usefulness has been proven time and time again, reducing bias, while increasing new hire success rates; not only because they help you choose the right candidate, but also because you have enough information on new leaders to help them in their new role and ensure they have the proper tools to reach their goals.


– François Piché-Roy, President and Senior Consultant, PIXCELL

The human aspect: Beyond the machines


Of course, above all, executive recruitment requires a human touch. Psychometric tests will never replace a recruiter’s judgment. That said, their relevance should not be underestimated. All leaders should know their strengths and weaknesses, and these test results can also be a powerful development tool for the candidates themselves.

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