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Talks surrounding the creation of a major maritime hub in the Quebec City region raise their fair share of questions about labour issues in manufacturing, distribution and production, and about the recruitment of senior executives in the manufacturing sector.

To discuss this, François Piché-Roy, President and Senior Consultant at PIXCELL, took part in a panel titled Workforce challenges: training, retention and recruitment, alongside Daniel Beaudoin (DESCIMCO), Marcel Curodeau (Medial SST) and Carl Boily (PERFORM).

How to attract, retain and engage talent

During the panel, Mr. Piché-Roy covered topics such as the importance of a strong organizational culture in reinforcing engagement, a key component of attracting and retaining the best leaders.

Every company culture must align with the organization’s purpose or the larger goal or vision that the company is pursuing. Having a purpose gives meaning to the work of each employee and allows employers to position themselves among candidates.

In this case, the businesses closely or loosely involved with Chantier Davie will be able to say that they help build icebreakers for the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard, and by the same token, that they are a part of asserting Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic. For employees and executives in the manufacturing sector, contributing to projects of this magnitude—larger than themselves—can be incredibly meaningful.

Panel 3 avec AK

The companies that will benefit most from this large-scale project are those that will have not only planned their resources well but also managed to motivate their troops along the way to encourage retention, particularly by clearly and constantly communicating their purpose. It has been proven that organizations with a strong purpose perform better than those without one.

– François Piché-Roy, président et consultant principal, PIXCELL
Panel 3 avec PJ



Mr. Piché-Roy also discussed the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in overcoming challenges in business and the need to surround oneself with the right people. “We can have the best values, the best purpose and the best communication strategy, but if we do not have the right people in place, all of that is useless. It is therefore crucial for organizations to choose their leaders carefully from day one,” he says.

Quebec as a hub of the Canadian marine industry

The federal government’s National Shipbuilding Strategy calls for the renewal of several ships in the fleets of the Canadian Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Navy. Lévis-based Chantier Davie Canada hopes to be designated as a partner in this strategy for the construction of icebreakers, which would result in billions of dollars in economic benefits for Quebec including more than 4,500 new jobs and contracts with 1,000 Quebec suppliers.

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