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Additionally, in industries such as food and beverage, marketing and merchandising of certain products requires a detailed knowledge of sales, the market, trends and challenges. This is particularly true in industries such as food and beverage. Carrying out a marketing executive search requires not only a solid understanding of the latest marketing trends but also a detailed analysis of your business environment.

Count on PIXCELL to fill your executive marketing position. Our marketing headhunters understand that you are looking for a candidate to provide strategic leadership and analyze the market with a keen eye—in short, someone who can lead your company toward its target.

Three Common Executive Marketing Positions

Vice President, Marketing

This marketing executive is responsible for developing the brand and product marketing strategy so that it is aligned with the company’s business objectives. This executive must have a long-term vision of how to position the product offering on the market.

In addition, the vice president of marketing supervises marketing teams and outside partners such as advertising, marketing and content creation agencies. This executive must also manage advertising and marketing research budgets and optimize the performance of marketing communications activities. This performance can be quantifiable, as with sales volume, or intangible, as with brand awareness. The duties of the vice president of marketing may also include acting as the company’s spokesperson for media relations.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

This role is currently being redefined because of the transformations digital marketing is undergoing. The chief marketing officer ensures that the company’s distribution channels continue to evolve. The distribution strategy can be multi-channel (multiple independent sales points), cross-channel (multiple sales points that share data) or omni-channel (where the buying experience is uniform, regardless of the channel the customer chooses).

Vice President, Product or Director, Product

The role of the vice president of product or director of product is to formulate a strategic approach to product innovation based on the company’s vision. This involves assessing which products to commercialize to maximize company sales and profitability. The vice president of product must also develop the product profile, used to market the product to all levels of the company, from the CEO to the production manager. This executive’s aims must always be in line with the company’s manufacturing capacity.

Recruit and Retain Your Next Marketing Executive with Our Experienced Recruiters

At PIXCELL, we know that, in the global economy, having a strong brand and a solid marketing strategy is more than just a bonus—it is imperative to a company’s survival. While new technologies provide companies with valuable opportunities to differentiate themselves, their vision in marketing needs to be defined by a competent, innovative marketing executive. We know from experience that every marketing executive search in this field is unique.

Count on the marketing and advertising headhunters at PIXCELL to find the marketing executive who will know how to position you favourably in your market and contribute to the longevity of your company.


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