Recruit an Experienced Executive to Manage your Production, Supply or Distribution Chain


Optimize Your Processes to Increase Productivity and Reduce Losses

Every company, regardless of its industry, should be focused on continuously improving its work, supply and distribution processes, to boost its overall efficiency and performance. Poor operational procedures can result in considerable time and productivity losses. Conversely, consolidated supply processes can increase purchasing power and reduce unit costs.

If you are seeking a qualified executive to manage your operations, the headhunters at PIXCELL will help you recruit a diligent leader capable of rethinking your ways of doing business and deploying an effective operational strategy. A COO executive search begins with a thorough review of your operating environment; this is the first step in our rigorous recruitment process.


Three Operations Executive Roles

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

The COO is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations and activities. This executive implements and oversees the application and smooth flow of organizational processes, always with a view to increasing efficiency, productivity and profitability. Using strategic planning, the COO develops an operational strategy, which forms the basis of the annual operational plan. In addition, the COO is responsible for operating and capital budgets and supervising all employees assigned to production and distribution.

Reporting directly to the President and CEO, the COO plays a crucial role in organizations with complex production or supply chains. The executive committee and board of directors rely on the COO to inform them about operational challenges that could impact different areas of the business.

Vice President, Operations or Vice President, Supply Chain

Executives in this role manage the productivity and profitability of the operations under their responsibility. Their role is to deploy and optimize operational procedures, while taking into account internal and external factors that may impact the quality or profitability of the product or service. They must oversee every facet of the supply, production and distribution logistics, from purchasing raw materials to managing the distribution network. In addition, the vice president of operations is responsible for order management systems and the training of production employees. This executive also develops and closely monitors performance indicators that allow operational efficiency to be continuously measured.

When mainly handling purchasing, the vice president of supply chain is responsible for implementing an optimal purchasing strategy. Executives in this role must, with the help of their team, negotiate corporate agreements with suppliers and coordinate the purchase of materials and the provision of contractor services. This position is common among large product manufacturers or distributors with multiple facilities, distribution centres or sales locations.

Director, Operations or Director, Supply Chain

The director of operations plays a tactical role in production, supply and distribution logistics. This executive is responsible for ensuring that her team achieves its objectives, particularly with respect to sales, profitability and productivity. To this end, the director of operations oversees and reviews each step of the logistics or supply chain, while taking into account human and financial resources and focusing on customer satisfaction.

To improve the efficiency of the processes they handle and solve problems, these executives make recommendations to their superior, the vice president of operations.


Recruit an Operations or Supply Chain Executive with Our Experienced Headhunters

To support your growth, your operations must be expertly managed by an organized, diligent executive who is focused on optimizing logistics. At PIXCELL, our distribution and operations management headhunters and supply chain executive recruiters understand your needs. In addition, our team maintains relationships with some of the biggest players in the market, including the Conseil québécois du commerce de détail (CQCD), giving you access to the top candidates.

Whether you are seeking a COO, operations manager or logistics executive, the recruiters at PIXCELL can help you find, evaluate and select your new leader—the person who will take your operational efficiency to the next level.



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