Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Headhunters

The Challenges Involved in an Executive Search in the Biosciences

Life sciences is rapidly branching out into new fields of activity, and this has led to an acute need for competent managers in areas such as digital health, medical technologies (medtech) biotechnologies (biotech), medical equipment, basic and clinical research and artificial intelligence. Qualified candidates are in high demand for both scientific positions (e.g., vice president of biotechnology for a medical association) and strategic positions (e.g., vice president of sales for a pharmaceutical company). In addition, many of these same profiles are being sought in related industries, such as information technologies and engineering, making these candidates all the more valuable.

PIXCELL’s life sciences headhunters understand that all great innovations must be supported by strong, ambitious managers. This is why our executive recruitment firm maintains close ties with many major players in health and sciences networks such as the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec, Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec and Pharmaceutical Marketing Club of Quebec. As the exclusive Canadian partner of CFR Global Executive Search, we have not only a strong long presence but also a global one. Through our international network of independent headhunters, we give you access to a pool of candidates worldwide.

The PIXCELL Promise

Whatever your science headhunting needs, you can count on our executive search firm in Quebec to support you every step of the way, from evaluating potential candidates to making the final selection. Our headhunters in the pharmaceutical industry will provide expert advice and help you make the right choice. That means finding the person who will drive development, innovation and business in your organization.


Senior Executive Recruitment for Life Sciences

  • In the initial meeting, our recruiter will have a discussion with you and establish the profile of the candidate you are seeking. We will also ensure that we understand your organization’s culture, stage of development and business goals.
  • Our headhunters in Montreal will then quickly set to work to build an exclusive bank of profiles corresponding to your needs and expectations. Each candidate file will be rigorously analyzed across the four pillars on which we have built our reputation. We will then provide you an initial list of potential candidates.
  • We work closely with you at all stages of the selection process and provide additional support once you have made your choice as a way to ensure the candidate’s long-term success in their new role as well as your total satisfaction.

Recruit Your Next Biosciences Leader with the Executive Search Firm PIXCELL

Passionate, dedicated and innovative leaders and managers are essential to the future of science and medicine. Trust our team of experienced life sciences headhunters to recruit the right executive for your organization.

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