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The CEO has an obligation to ensure performance and transparency. Executives in this role are constantly faced with new decisions, which they must make swiftly and effectively, relying on an innovative strategic vision. At the same time, they must show the utmost diligence, particularly with respect to budget management.

If you are a board member and need to recruit your next president and chief executive officer (CEO), you can count on the executive search firm PIXCELL. Whether you are dealing with a sudden resignation or are making a succession plan ahead of your CEO’s retirement, our talented executive headhunters can assist you in this crucial process and help ensure that your business continues to thrive. Our CEO recruiters will oversee every step of the selection process, both for internal candidates and external ones we have selected based on your business reality, your specific challenges and our in-depth knowledge of the market.


The Role of the President and CEO


Executives in this role are in charge of governing the company in line with their vision. They set out the major strategic orientations to position the company in its market and dictate operations.

While CEOs are the highest executive in a company, they are accountable to the board of directors that appointed or recommended them. They chair and lead meetings and play an active role in administration. The title of CEO also makes them the company’s official representative, and, as such, they must report to the various stakeholders, such as shareholders, different levels of government and members.

The CEO is supported by a number of executives, depending on the structure of the company. These may include the chief operating officer, vice president and general manager.

Presidency and General Management: the Role of the General Manager, or Managing Director

When a company has both a CEO (or president) and a general manager, the latter is generally in charge of managing the company. While the CEO is in charge of governing, in collaboration with the board of directors, the general manager works with the various departments to manage day-to-day operations. This executive sets objectives, develops strategies and structures services and operations for all the departments.

Recruit Your Next Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or General Manager with PIXCELL

At PIXCELL, we understand your expectations and the strategic importance of recruiting the right CEO. Our headhunters understand that you need to hire a chief executive officer or general manager with strong political and interpersonal skills, along with managerial abilities cultivated through years of experience in senior management positions.

With their extensive network of contacts in the business community and their expertise in finding, evaluating and selecting talent, our CEO recruiters will work nonstop to find your company an experienced, dependable leader who delivers results and helps you achieve your efficiency and performance goals.


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