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Para-public organizations: the specific challenges of executive search in this key industry

Looking to hire a manager who can identify risks and opportunities while carrying out your parapublic organization’s mission? Learn more about the key roles that your company needs to do this with PIXCELL, Montreal’s top public and quasi-public executive search firm.

Three executive roles with high potential value to parapublic companies

Director of Information Technology on a board of directors


These executives take part in implementing new technologies and innovations, analyzing data, supervising digital project managers and improving service processes to facilitate decision-making and help their organizations achieve their goals.

Among other hurdles, these executives must overcome the technological delay often experienced by parapublic companies with few financial resources. These directors must bridge the gaps between the many parties affected by digital processes—particularly finance, communications and operations—to secure strategies and assess the feasibility of both company-wide and division-specific projects.

Director of Finance for an organization


These leaders oversee budgetary planning and control, initiate and assess applications for third-party funding, and orchestrate the growth of para-governmental organizations. These highly accountable executives are also called upon to work with all divisions of their respective organizations.

The most important of this role’s many responsibilities are to ensure financial sustainability and create value while supporting daily operations.

Chief Communications Officer for a municipal office


Access to funding also depends greatly on a parapublic company’s communication strategy and relationships with external partners.

Communications executives must not only submit and manage robust plans for conveying the values and key messages of parapublic companies, but also help to coordinate all company communications to distinct target audiences, from an organization’s executive committee to the members of the public who use its services.

Recruit seasoned, experienced executives with PIXCELL, a headhunting and executive search firm

Para-governmental companies have social responsibilities and require compassionate, skilled executives and management teams with specific qualifications: broad, clear and inclusive vision, a thirst for challenge, well-honed leadership skills, proactive leadership, a sense of organization, a strong interest in planning and rigorous management of resources, budgets and schedules, good team spirit and more. These executives must also demonstrate proven competencies in firm negotiation and be comfortable in the face of uncertainty, as they will frequently be required to double back, adapt and uproot to live in different areas of Quebec or Canada outside of major urban centres.

Finally, because these leaders must face challenges in the short, medium and long term, it is paramount that they have an intimate knowledge of the industry in which they operate and possess the key managerial skills to successfully carry out the social missions with which they are charged.

By calling upon an executive search firm such as PIXCELL, parapublic organizations can be sure to recruit the best candidates to join their ranks and become strategic assets in their continued operations and growth.


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