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Recruit Your Next Executive in the Capital with PIXCELL’s Quebec City Headhunters

The economy of Quebec City has diversified in recent years. While the public and parapublic sectors still account for many jobs, technology and video game companies, in particular, are beginning to transform the job market in the Capitale-Nationale region.


Over the past five years, the unemployment rate has remained lower in Quebec City than in Montreal, leading to recruitment challenges. Faced with a shortage of qualified, available managers, employers need to step up their recruitment efforts and strategies.

If your company is based in Quebec City, you can trust our experienced headhunters to handle your executive recruitment process. You can also contact our headhunting team in Montreal, our headhunters in Toronto or our global headhunters. Find out how our specialized industry expertise can help you recruit top candidates, no matter your line of business.

Headhunters in the Public and Parapublic Sectors in Quebec City

In the past, executive positions in the public and parapublic sectors were highly coveted, and internal successors were readily available. Today, there is more intense competition with the private sector, and government employees and executives often leave public service to work for a private company. Faced with this major challenge, leaders in the public and parapublic sectors must turn to external candidates, often with atypical profiles, to fill their management positions.

Our executive search firm in Quebec City understands the challenges in the public and parapublic sectors, including the strict rules and procedures governing the management of public funds. Find out how PIXCELL helps public and parapublic organizations recruit executives.


Finance Headhunting Firm in Quebec City

Finance and accounting executives need to be efficient and effective. In today’s uncertain economic climate, the finance and accounting executive search process is vital to ensuring an organization’s longevity.

Our finance executive search firm in Quebec City helps companies of all sizes and in all industries find top executives. To recruit your next leader, our headhunters leverage their extensive knowledge of the financial market and privileged access to a network of accounting and finance professionals.

Find out how our finance recruitment agency can help you recruit the best talent in Quebec City.

Contact the experts at PIXCELL.

Manufacturing and Engineering Headhunters in Quebec City

In the Industry 4.0 era, manufacturing and engineering executives must have specific skill sets to optimize your manufacturing, distribution and production processes. More than ever, executives must adapt to overcome challenges, particularly when it comes to workforce management, quality control and operational efficiency.

Our engineering executive search agency in Quebec specializes in executive recruitment for manufacturers and engineering companies.

Contact our team of manufacturing and engineering executive headhunters in Quebec City, QC, to discuss your needs.


Retail and Distribution Headhunters in Quebec City

The retail and apparel industries are facing major changes, including new challenges related to omnichannel strategy and supply chain and logistics. Recruiting retail executives in Quebec City is becoming more difficult as companies vie for qualified candidates.

PIXCELL understands this. Let our retail executive search firm handle your recruitment process and provide you with access to the top candidates in your industry.

Get in contact with our retail management headhunters today.

IT and Digital Transformation Headhunters in Quebec City

Recruiting IT executives in Quebec City is becoming more challenging due to increased global competition for top candidates. Thanks to high-performance computer and telecommunication systems, companies can now hire IT executives or even a chief digital officer from the other side of the world. In this war to recruit and retain the best leaders, companies need to have a solid, effective and competitive IT executive search strategy to come out on top.

PIXCELL’s IT and digital transformation headhunters in Quebec City understand the market, know what motivates candidates and recognize the value of a qualified candidate in the field of technology and innovation. Count on our IT executive recruitment agency to handle your executive recruitment process.

Contact us to discuss your business challenges.


Real Estate and Construction Headhunters in Quebec City

Canadian real estate companies and investors need to develop intelligent solutions to ensure sustainable growth. As environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues come to the forefront, our real estate executive search firm is helping commercial and residential real estate managers fill their job vacancies quickly.

Our real estate and construction headhunters in Quebec City give you access to the best candidates in your industry. Count on our real estate development headhunting agency to recruit a competent leader to manage your real estate and construction projects.

Book an appointment with one of our experienced headhunters today.

The PIXCELL Promise

Our Quebec City headhunters pride themselves on their rigour, integrity and efficiency. Our holistic approach to recruitment is thorough, strategic and geared toward providing the best client and candidate experience. Once we have fully understood your business needs, your unique business environment and your expectations toward the job candidate, we establish an effective recruitment strategy.

Our executive headhunting agency in Quebec City will provide you with qualified candidates who have been carefully evaluated using our four-step assessment process. We will also work with you to select the best person for the job—that is, the executive who will contribute to the success of your company. At every stage, you can count on our executive recruitment agency in Quebec City, QC, to provide sound advice and work diligently to find your next leader.

Our Quebec City headhunters cultivate connections within the business community to give you access to the best candidates in your industry. Contact us today and find out how PIXCELL can be your trusted partner for your executive search in Quebec City.

Your Industry. Our Expertise in Senior Executive Recruitment.

Our talent search specialists are not only leaders in their field but also well versed in industry-specific business concerns. Over the years, our executive recruitment firm has developed a vast network of Canadian and international partners to provide you with fast, privileged access to the best candidates in your industry.

You can rely on our  IT headhunter team to fill your IT executive positions.

Recruit the best candidate fast with the help of our recruitment agency for businesses in engineering and manufacturing.

Let our executive headhunter firm guide you in the process of recruiting public and para-public business leaders.

Find the right candidate by relying on our executive search agency for the retail and distribution sectors.

Recruit an exceptional candidate with our experienced executive headhunters in the real estate and construction sectors.

With our executive search agency, overcome the challenges of recruiting executives in finance, accounting, insurance and banking.

Do you need to hire a pharmaceutical or bioscience executive? Count on PIXCELL’s headhunters to meet your recruitment needs.

Leading firms in the areas of law, engineering consulting, finance and strategy trust PIXCELL to recruit their top associates and partners.

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