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In addition to staying responsive and being proactive despite fluctuating market conditions, companies in these industries at times want to gain market share, revisit their real estate marketing tactics, improve their customer experience, or begin to integrate technology into construction site management.

The addition of an executive can help solve several of these problems and take the organization to the next level.

By calling on our real estate and construction headhunters in Montreal, you can be sure to recruit the best candidates who will in turn become strategic assets in the pursuit of your business operations.

Executive Search for Construction

As work on construction sites gradually resumes, you may want an executive you can count on to manage construction projects as a whole, who will bring leadership and an eye for detailed planning in addition to working hand in hand with the various stakeholders involved in building construction.

Our real estate and construction executive search firm and headhunters will help you find the best managers who will have the desire to optimize the administration of your multiple construction sites.

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The PIXCELL Promise

Our experts in executive search for construction and real estate are dedicated to carefully vetting and screening each candidate. We are committed to recommending only managers who have the professional experience and vision to meet the criteria that we will establish together at the start of the hiring process.

nlike executive search agencies for real estate that prospect for potential candidates for mid-level positions, our firm actively identifies high-calibre managers.

Thanks to our large network of contacts constantly expanding with up-and-coming leaders in real estate, PIXCELL makes recruiting easier and narrows the search so that you can focus on future employees whose skills and experience meet your specific needs.

Our promise? To provide unequalled attention to detail, quick execution and valuable support in hiring executives who will rise through the ranks of your organization.

Executive Search in Commercial and Residential Real Estate

The commercial and residential real estate sectors are constantly subject to transactional fluctuations that have a substantial impact on real estate operations, whether these involve project development, prospecting for real estate investors or seeking real estate financing.

Both small and large Canadian real estate companies must not only keep their heads above water, but also stay competitive and at the market forefront by finding the best business opportunities.

This is the advantage of using an executive search firm for real estate. The know-how of real estate headhunters helps identify visionary executives who are on the lookout for trends, who are ambitious, who are talented communicators and teamwork experts, qualities that are highly sought-after in this competitive industry.

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Unparalleled Experience with Our Real Estate and Construction Headhunters

From the moment you choose us, our consultants will work with you to identify your corporate culture and business objectives in order to target the candidates that come closest to matching the profiles of the managers you are looking for.

PIXCELL will then provide you with a preliminary list of candidates so that you can minimize the number of job interviews and meet with only those people who are the best fit for your organization.

By working with our executive search firm for construction and real estate, you will be sure you can count on our support from candidate prospecting to making the hiring decision. Finally, since we also help with the integration of employees, we have developed a proven methodology with previous clients that maximizes the success of the hiring process well beyond the candidate's first day on the job.

Your Industry. Our Expertise in Senior Executive Recruitment.

Our talent search specialists are not only leaders in their field but also well versed in industry-specific business concerns. Over the years, our executive recruitment firm has developed a vast network of Canadian and international partners to provide you with fast, privileged access to the best candidates in your industry.

You can rely on our  IT headhunter team to fill your IT executive positions.

Recruit the best candidate fast with the help of our recruitment agency for businesses in engineering and manufacturing.

Let our executive headhunter firm guide you in the process of recruiting public and para-public business leaders.

Find the right candidate by relying on our executive search agency for the retail and distribution sectors.

Recruit an exceptional candidate with our experienced executive headhunters in the real estate and construction sectors.

With our executive search agency, overcome the challenges of recruiting executives in finance, accounting, insurance and banking.

Do you need to hire a pharmaceutical or bioscience executive? Count on PIXCELL’s headhunters to meet your recruitment needs.

Leading firms in the areas of law, engineering consulting, finance and strategy trust PIXCELL to recruit their top associates and partners.

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