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Companies in the retail and apparel industries face the two-fold challenge of positioning themselves favourably in the market with a distinct offering and unique experience while integrating digital technologies into their distribution chain. They can meet this challenge by implementing a new inventory management system or by creating a transactional site or online store, for example. All of these initiatives can facilitate and increase sales so they can stay as competitive as possible.

Turning to hiring a dedicated retail executive could be the key to your business success. Our consultants specializing in finding experienced managers can guide you and advise you throughout the hiring process.

PIXCELL: Top Retail & Distribution Headhunters

PIXCELL stands out among other retail and distribution executive search firms in Montreal through its know-how, its broad knowledge of a wide range of industries and its solid expertise in executive search acquired over time.

Not only are PIXCELL’s distribution management headhunters attentive to your needs and business challenges, but they also cultivate a close relationship with the Conseil québécois du commerce de détail (CQCD). This ensures that our retail and distribution headhunters understand your business reality and are in contact with the various players in the market.

Our mission is to recommend the best candidates to hire so that we can help you build an omni-channel strategy and compete with digital adoption leaders.

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The PIXCELL Promise

From the moment you choose us, our consultants will launch our retail & distribution executive search services to identify the most visionary, dynamic and qualified candidates for your needs.

In addition, we leverage our exclusive database, which we are continually enhancing. We believe that by meeting new potential candidates, we can find experienced and specialized managers who can contribute to your organization’s success.

PIXCELL's promise is simple: we are committed to making every step of the recruitment process faster and easier, without ever compromising the quality of the services we provide. That way, you can spend more time managing your company's business and keep it running smoothly.

Our Retail & Distribution Executive Search Services

During our first meeting, we will talk with you to draw up a profile of the candidate you are looking for, establish your short, medium and long-term objectives, and define the outlines of your organization's culture.

Our firm will then begin to build an exclusive list of candidates who have the exceptional interpersonal, sales, retail and distribution skills to best meet your specific needs.

Then, our team will carefully vet each candidate and will narrow the search by submitting a few candidates with whom you can get in contact and schedule job interviews.

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Nearly Five Years of Experience in Retail & Distribution Executive Search Services

Established in 2016, almost five years ago, our firm has stood out among headhunters for executives in the distribution world and retail industry thanks to our unique service offering, where we guide our clients through each stage of the process, from starting the search to making the hiring decision, and we’ll support the successful candidate's integration into your company.

Doing business with PIXCELL means being able to count on high-level headhunters and a proven methodology and way of working with numerous satisfied clients.

Your Industry. Our Expertise in Senior Executive Recruitment.

Our talent search specialists are not only leaders in their field but also well versed in industry-specific business concerns. Over the years, our executive recruitment firm has developed a vast network of Canadian and international partners to provide you with fast, privileged access to the best candidates in your industry.

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