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Today, many organizations are using customer relationship management (CRM) technologies to improve their business relationships. A well-stocked CRM system provides a team of sales representatives with an overview of all customer data, including purchase history, preferences and customer services contacts. Today’s sales managers must be able to leverage the latest technologies to support their sales force.

As with their employees, sales managers possess the qualities of a good salesperson, including strong negotiation, active listening and communication skills.

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Three Key Sales Manager Positions

Vice President, Sales, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) or Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

The vice president of sales works alongside a team of sales representatives and account managers to identify target markets for business opportunities and develop strategies to penetrate and develop these new markets.

This executive regularly analyzes sales results and finds innovative solutions to constantly improve the bottom line and motivate teams to perform better.

Depending on the size and structure of the company, the vice president of sales may also be responsible for marketing and customer service.

Director of Sales, Commercial Director or Sales Executive

The director of sales is generally responsible for tactical decisions, as opposed to the strategic focus of the vice president of sales, whom the director of sales reports to.

The director of sales is responsible for ensuring that all sales-related operations run smoothly. This executive must drive the performance of every sales representative to achieve business objectives. In companies with a performance-based culture, sales representatives are paid based on a commission structure, generally supplemented by a reward program. Beyond financial incentives, the director of sales must motivate employees and train them on an ongoing basis to improve their performance in prospecting, sales and customer service.

Depending on their background and career path, directors of sales may also act as sales representatives with certain key customers with whom they have a privileged relationship.

Vice President, Business Development and Partnerships

Some companies rely on a business partnership model rather than a sales model. The role of the vice president of business development and partnerships is to maintain good relationships and build strong business alliances. This executive must also develop fundraising strategies and attract new members or partners to increase revenues. An extensive list of contacts and networking skills are must-haves for this position, as is the ability to represent the company at events or public speaking engagements.


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